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About Us

Welcome to Shalimar India Restaurant & enjoy plates of creamy chicken masala, piles of fluffy naan, and maybe an order or two of samosas if you’re feeling adventurous. Shalimar India Restaurant has provided its customers with the absolute best in Indian food. We offer an intensive Indian cuisine menu that includes specialties from north India. Shalimar India Restaurant offers a large variety of vegetarian, poultry, lamb, seafood, and rice specialties. Shalimar India Restaurant also caters to customers with special diet needs such as gluten free dishes. Our Indian food menu boasts an excellent curries list as well as appetizers and biryanis to compliment your dining experience. Visit or order online Indian food from Shalimar India Restaurant today and enjoy the best authentic Indian cuisine in town of Portsmouth, NH.

Our Menu

Shalimar India Restaurant
  • Appetizers

    Aloo Tikki,Bombay Potato,Chicken Tikka,Hara Bhara Kabab,Keema Samosas (2),Murg Pakoras,Paneer Pakoras.

  • Soups

    Chicken Soup,Mulligatawany Soup,Nariyal Soup,Punjabi Tomato Soup,Punjabi Tomato Soup with Paneer.

  • Side Orders
    Side Orders

    Basmati Chawal,Mango Chutney,Mint Chutney,Mixed Pickle,Onion and Chili,Papadum,Plain Yogurt,Raita.

  • Delicious Indian Breads
    Delicious Indian Breads

    Aloo Paratha,Bhatura,Cheese Garlic Nan,Cheese Garlic Nan,Cheese Garlic Nan,Gobhi Paratha,Keema Nan.

  • Biryanis Specialties
    Biryanis Specialties

    Beef Biryani,Chicken Biryani,Lamb Biryani,Paneer Biryani,Peas Pallau,Shalimar Special Biryani,Shrimp Biryani,Vegetable Biryani.

  • Chicken Specialties
    Chicken Specialties

    Chicken Curry,Chicken Do-Piaza,Chicken Jalfrazi,Chicken Korma,Chicken Makhnwala,Chicken Peshawari,Chicken Saagwala,Kadai Chicken.

Awesome Feature

Our Services Feature

Shalimar India Restaurant
  • Fresh Dishes

    Shalimar India Restaurant Strives on Providing fresh and delicious Meals Daily.

  • Well Service

    Shalimar India Restaurant is Professional and always courteous to each customer providing the best experience.

  • Fast Delivery

    Shalimar India Restaurant maintains an online delivery system which provides customers the most satisfaction and timely Deliveries.

  • Various Menu

    You can Find all your Favourite Indian meals and more at Shalimar India Restaurant.